For my final major project my self-written brief was to create a TV channel for i-D magazine’s online video content. I was very excited about creating motion graphic imagery for i-D magazine as the brand has had no motion graphic production until now. My aim was to create modern, trendy and quirky motion graphics that were suitable for i-D. The graphics package contains motion design of the i-D wink, which has grown to become an integral part of the i-D identity. The graphics consist of bright colours that give the design a fresh and bold look and conveys the energy of brand. 

Poster Campaign

Fashion Poster

Music Poster

Culture Poster


i-D Magazine channel brand edition cover designed by Liam Kelly

Magazine Cover Design

I designed a channel brand edition of the magazine as it would be very beneficial idea for the launch of i-D watch. This cover would create more awareness of the channels launch. 

The design is in tone with the channels graphics. It is very eye catching and relevant towards the channel.








i-D Watch

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