Superhero Central – Channel Brand

My concept for this channel branding project was to create a modern superhero channel that aires allĀ the latest superhero movies. I named the channel ‘Superhero Central’ and designed the channel with a very dark, edgy, tense and cinematic approach. I kept the design very modern and in range with the contemporary designed superhero movies that are being released today. I created the logo with a dark, bashed up, disrupted metallic texture to capture the dark and gritty affect which we gain from current posters, logos and themes with modern superhero films.Ā 

Aswell as the channel ident, I created a ‘digital on-screen graphic’ (DOG), a ‘TV menu’ and an ‘up next’ promo for Superhero Central. I kept the designs for all of these in theme with the channel ident, the designs create a successful brand package for the brand and tonal values of Superhero Central’s dark, edgy, tense and cinematic theme.


To create further awareness of the launch of Superhero Central, I designed a poster that was kept in theme with the channel branding.

Poster Campaign

Billboard design

Superhero Central

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