This brief set by VICE, was to capture the spirit of VICE UK’s ‘Rule Britannia’ series in the form of a motion graphics ident.

IDENT (1 of 2)

IDENT (2 of 2)

For this project I created two idents, as the concept was adaptable enough to create an altered version. The first ident was created by incorporating an edgy, gritty, rough and bold messaging technique within footage used from the Rule Britannia series. I approached the moving imagery with relevant design elements that I had researched in order to suit Rule Britannia and its brand and tonal values.

My second ident developed into a very typographic based piece. I saw the potential within the concept of the first ident and created a piece where I was able to push it even further. The typography creates some very bold and striking visuals that portray the spirit of the show. The messaging technique within the two idents is a very effective way of drawing the audience into a specific atmosphere. With the correct words in the messaging I was able to portray to the audience what Rule Britannia is about and provoke interest in the show.

VICE – Rule Britannia

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